Dario Fociani


My girlfriend loves me more
than I do,
she is here, she is there,
she is everywhere
she is nowhere,
she'll never understand
my blue times when rainbows
get dark
and thunders seem tamed
but a malincolic wave
keeps on going.

You got, you got very well,
that world goes as it has to
and things won't modify themself
from one day to another,
thousands of billions of coffee
in front of my days,
tomorrow per tomorrow
very well order queue,
they appear like the one waiting
for me,
what you want? Very foam, extra hot?
I will never ever will.

Revolution is not just action.
Sometimes is just giving up to do what others do every day.
Revolution is putting your eyes, my love, on the most shining silver tray,
writing a poem, with no rhythm and rhyme, with no metaphores nor wine,
walking looking down, thinking up,
avoiding old advices,

if everyone goes right,
i'll wont suggest the left,
go back.