Dario Fociani

To myself, to yourself and to her

so she's singing
(and her voice is sweet like dates on summer)
under the shower and you watch a bee
dying in your living room,
stare the dance.

stare the dance.

Being lucky is a hard job,
you should always meet brave people
or morally correct,
not always together
but both bring luck.

And luck is a duck you need to catch (sometimes, shoot!).

Unlucky when you meet scary scared ones,
they keep change still and their breath is heavy,
they prefer to let things swing away
than risk the movement,
wind once tried and all died.

(then a new big bang, eternity flew again)

Smile, oh you smile at the sadness
and spit on social convention,
babylon always tries to get your eyes unconfident
to enhance gravity creating black holes,


be light and shine.