Humanity I Love You by e.e. cummings


Humanity i love you 
   because you would rather black the boots of 
   success than enquire whose soul dangles from his 
   watch-chain which would be embarrassing for both 
   parties and because you 
   unflinchingly applaud all 
   songs containing the words country home and 
   mother when sung at the old howard 
   Humanity i love you because 
   when you're hard up you pawn your 
   intelligence to buy a drink and when 
   you're flush pride keeps 
   you from the pawn shop and 
   because you are continually committing 
   nuisances but more 
   especially in your own house 
   Humanity i love you because you 
   are perpetually putting the secret of 
   life in your pants and forgetting 
   it's there and sitting down 
   on it 
   and because you are 
   forever making poems in the lap 
   of death Humanity 
   i hate you